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Old Chinese philosophy in everyone's blood in modern China

3 February 2005 the Chinese Ambassador to Georgia  Mr.Wang Kaiwen  answered the questions during the interview made by the Russion newspaper "Argument & Fact":

  • How do you think about the relationship between Georgia and China?

I am already the fifth ambassador of China in Georgia. There are quite good and friendly relations between our countries. Diplomatic relations were established in 1992 and from that period, our cooperation in different fields gets very fruitful results. We are very glad that basic principles stated in joint communiquĂ© on mutual diplomatic relations are abided.  However the level of our cooperation is not so high as would be desired. For example, we could not be satisfied with the achievements in the economy or cultural ties. That is why we  with our Georgian colleagues (I hope) should try our best to push forward the cooperation between our countries. 

  • Are there any other projects planed to be undertaken on the investments made by Sichuan Power Company?

As far as know, one of the biggest telecommunication companies of China has the interest in Georgia. This company successfully works not only in South Caucasus countries but also in other NIS countries. Chinese government encourages companies and entrepreneurs using all efforts, however the final decision should be made by businesspersons themselves.

  • For many years, China surprises the world by rapid development of economy, cinematography, sports…What are the priorities of your country in the nearest future?

Thank you for such a nice appraisal. In fact, China really has achieved a great successs in economic development. For the last quarter of the century annual growth of GDP equals to 9,5%. Accordingly society looks brand-new, living standards are rising. Nevertheless China still is one of the developing countries. GDP per capita equals to 1000-1200 US dollars. Of course there are some regions where the figure is higher, for example in Shanghai GDP per capita reaches 5 000 US Dollars. Our goal is to double this index. If we take note of the pace of undergoing economic changes, according to experts' forecasts this task is feasible. But in comparison with past period we would pay a great attention to quality of development i.e. ecological issues would be considered. We could not leave environmental problems to our next generations. Our concerns include using of natural resources as well. At the increased rate of production using of natural resources should be minimized.

Our second priority is social equity. Although China is rapidly developing country,   there are big regions unlike Shanghai and Beijing that are developed very poorly. That is the reason we pay much attention to socially vulnerable people, we would create conditions for their successful development. 

At the end one of our main tasks is to host 2008 Olympic Games. I myself come from Beijing, I believe that we can approve the trust and would be able to carry out the whole ceremony at the high level.

  • How do you view the role of China in world community?

This is quite a big question. China tries to play constructive and critical role. China use to be permanent member of the UN Security Council. We are taking huge responsibility for keeping peace, regulating political and other problems. As for international problems, we believe that more fair order should be applied worldwide i.e.  we should introduce more democracy during resolution of international issues. Each country should have its vote to avoid dictatorship from any single country. China votes for multi polar world.  

We think one of the important issues on the agenda is economic development especially because of the undergoing globalization processes. Weight of China in world economy gradually increases. Annual commodity turnover totals trillion and two hundred milliards of US Dollars, while import of goods reaches 0,5 trillion of US Dollars. We would like to play constructive role in this areas as well. Everything should be based on sound basis no matter what would it be competition or partnership.


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