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Speach of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Georgia, H.E. Mr. Chen Jianfu at the national Day Celebration


Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends, good evening!

On this golden autumn day, when the Georgians are busy harvesting wine grapes, we have gathered to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the foundation of the People's Republic of China. Please allow me express my warm welcome and sincere gratitude towards each of you.

The year of 2011 has been a very important year for the Chinese people, as it has marked to be the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution and the 90th jubilee of the foundation of the Communist Party of China (CPC). A century ago, the Chinese people under the leadership of Dr. Sun Yatsen successfully put an end to the system of monarchy, which had ruled China for several thousand years. 10 years later, the founding of the CPC led to the realization of China's independence and liberation of its people, unleashing a path of prosperity, strength, greatness and a better life for people. In 1949, New China was founded when the Chinese people rose to take their fate into their own hands.

Only 62 years have passed since then, and the Chinese people have struggled and explored different ways to finally put the country on its right path of development. Through this arduous struggle, China has succeeded and especially, after 32 years of reform and opening policy even achieved to become the center of the world's attention. China's overall strength has grown considerably. Its total economic output grew 16 times, reaching USD 5.88 trillion, thus, turning the country into the second biggest economic power in the world. Foreign exchange reserve has reached USD 3.2 trillion, taking the lead in the world. China has undergone extensive changes in the politics, economy, society, as well as some other areas, which has transformed the country's image profoundly. The general living standards and quality of life of the Chinese people have also improved. Meanwhile, as its comprehensive strength increases, China has made contribution to the international community too. China has contributed over 10% to world economy growth every year in recent years. However, despite the boosted economic development, China still has a long way to go to stand equals with the European and American developed countries. China still has to deal with a number of issues; China has a large population yet a weak economic base, unbalanced development still exists among different regions, the structural problems in economic development still remain, and economic growth is constrained by resource shortages and environmental problems, therefore, China still has great challenges to overcome, still has a lot of work to do. The attitude of the international community towards China's development differs widely during the recent years. There is some praise, some criticism, even some worry that China will seek hegemony and power politics. I want to assure everyone, China has never sought hegemony in the history, as a rising power it will never do so. China will never take the path of some rising powers of modern history. Such is China's national policy, determined by the historical and cultural tradition and by a logical choice of upholding its national interests. China pursues a path of peaceful development. It seeks mutual benefit and mutual growth through peaceful means and cooperation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been here, in Georgia for nearly a year. It has been a pleasure for me to live and work in the "God's garden". I have experienced the uniqueness of the Georgian culture and friendly attitude of the Georgian people. I have witnessed the constant growth of Georgia and sustainable development of Chinese-Georgian relationship. Opening the Urumchi-Tbilisi direct flight has shortened the distance between the two countries, at the same time, it has made interaction and cooperation more convenient. More and more Chinese tourists visit Georgia to admire its delightful landscape, to taste its incredible cuisine and fine wines. More and more Chinese enterprises invest in Georgia, which expand together with their Georgian counterparts. Both countries attach importance to developing bilateral relations. I believe with the mutual effort, China and Georgia will deepen cooperation between each other.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends, let's make a toast to prosperous China and Georgia, let's wish the people of the two countries peace and happiness! Let's wish the friendship between China and Georgia lasts forever!

Wish you too, my guests, health, success and all the best.

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